Kara Johnson, Director / Producer

Kara Johnson is a filmmaker and musician from Raleigh, North Carolina. She has a strong passion for communicating with audiences, both visually and aurally. During her time at Elon University, she received awards in both her fields of study. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Entertainment (concentration in Cinema) and a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology. Thankful for the abundance of creative outlets in Los Angeles, Kara has been involved in numerous productions, most notably with companies such as Funny or Die, Relativity Television, Film Independent, and the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Carla Romo, Producer 

A transplant from the DC metropolitan area, Carla has always had a fascination with entertainment. Her internship with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences was her first foot in the door in Los Angeles, and set the course for her career. Carla's background ranges from casting to production. She has worked with numerous production companies and networks in DC, NYC, and LA. While working gig to gig, she makes sure to set aside time for passion projects. She was deeply affected by her older sister's Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, and is now eager to inspire others to take time out of their busy schedules and take note of the value of life. Carla is always looking to expand her creativity and push herself to the limits when an important opportunity comes her way.